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Mentor Teams

Liu Yuanshan Director

Korea film Green Dragon Award, best new Director Award, the University of Suwon honest woman was a guest lecturer at the University.
Film: the shared river Zhiyuan, Kim HA neul; the fool too yin, Ho Zhiyuan; the book 198 page gin, the man Lee Dong wook; Hae-jin Park in the snow; the man who went to Mars of Kim Hee-Sun


Li Shengxi Korea SG Film Academy representatives

Acting Department at Meiji University Professor, Director of the SG on behalf of, the Minister for film production centre.
films: ' my love ', ' Poseidon, ' Moonlight ', such as the age of savage. 
works of drama: the full tank, ' karicula ', such as the College of nobles.


Bian Yumin famous actors

Serials work: love can shock you again ', ' now ', the temptation of wife SBS, MBC, and SBS in the coveted island created Groundhog, MBN, MBC in the Paris of the suspicious family of nail salon