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Northern School of film and television arts of movie love in

On August 8, 2013 Beijing, Northern film and television arts, China Central television, produced by Huaxia film distribution co, by the Gansu Provincial silver party, huining County to assist in the production of the film the love in my heart in the huining County, Gansu province, March Park held a grand opening ceremony. Huining County in Baiyin city, Gansu province, the main leaders, President of the Northern School of film and Television Arts in Beijing Zhao Liancheng, director Li Baosheng and other related personnel attended the opening ceremony of the cast. Ceremony of our college students and local artists perform many wonderful programs.

huining County, this film reflects the life in extreme poverty and lack of water towns, children were overcome in the harsh living conditions, work hard, study hard, and received support from various sectors of the community, touching love story. Shape the students repeat the, principal, principals, simple farmers Yao buffaloes and repeat Mama and a number of lively characters is the film's highlight. This tablets by famous actor new, and I hospital visiting Professor Xudong Du, and Xue Yong, and Lin Jinglai teacher co-star performances, drama in the all students role and the part teachers role are by I hospital performances Department students starred in, I hospital makeup Department teachers and students is responsible for the tablets of makeup and clothing styling work, Photography Department students served as photography Assistant and the stills Division of work, full for school students provides has once rare of internship opportunities.