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Famous actor Xudong Du teachers and students meet

In 2012, on March 1, visiting professor at the University, a famous film and TV actor, haizheng ensemble actor troupe Xudong Du to school guidance-specialty of performance work.

Xudong Du accompanied by teacher in my hospital leaders, toured the school's entire xiaorong school appearance, toured the library, room, sound rooms, computer rooms and other functional classrooms, also visited dormitories, also watched our show recess. Commended on University campus cultural construction, and put forward many good proposals and suggestions.

Finally, students in 2011 with us television show photos and want them to study well, hold their performing skills, growth and success.

Brief introduction of Beijing, Northern School of film and Television Arts professor Xudong Du:

Xudong Du

Well-known film and television actor, haizheng ensemble actor troupe, senior officer acted in a lot of TV series, the great gate of the Western land of the die, their children are 2, and many other films and TV series

Xudong Du in the film are mostly played villains such as rogue spy Bandit traitor image, however life Xudong Du in real life was a real soldier, who has a 35-year veteran of military time, the Navy. Enlisted in the nautical press draftsman, in Naval Warfare Department staff, the art editor of the magazine for eight years in the Navy, at the Central Academy of fine arts in painting while studying professional during his collection of paintings by the National Art Museum of China.