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2014 new year Gala

On December 24, 2013 14:00, Beijing, Northern School of film and Television Arts in multi-function theater, Royal hold 2014 "to celebrate Christmas and new year" Gala. We honor invited to the Jinshan Liu Ming actor teacher faculty and to celebrate Christmas with us. Teachers and students together to party, full of love and affection. As the last days of the Beijing North ring when the teachers and everything was moved to tears, many teachers in the heart silently bless the children a bright future. Let us pour to remember this day, this moment, this second. Our beloved President of the Zhao Liancheng, a beautiful martial arts principals, Liu 旸 President General Assembly speech, award. Our lovely boys and girls, with perseverance and the pursuit of art in art into Nortel, into our warm family. For graduate students, send our Nortel best wishes!

The backbone of students major in our college planning this party, school Dean's Office and logistics Office teachers organization, made the show. Although a gala, but quality regardless of format or the program can be called a professional, students laid the party's talent and expertise level.

Makeup of the participating songs Medley and instrumental solos; Photography Department, acted in the dance and comedy; most accomplished performance appeared in the singing, instrumental music, dance performances, comic, sketches and other programs. Martial arts principals and class pictures before the exam, exam class at school for a short period, is in such a tense time, out of time, rehearse such a wonderful program. Principal says, "boys I love you and would hate to your graduation. "

This year, schools wish students before an exam, in 2014, art exams to obtain the best results, performing junior college students a bright future and a photography department students become the best photographer, makeup classmates to become a world-class stylists, models classmates get more prizes!! Students, teachers, and your hard work! Here, we dream of wings, fly!

Wish happy new year to all the teachers and students once again, wish our school one year more than one year strong!