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The first "Chinese world cinema training base

On June 26, the first "Chinese film training base in the world," unveiling ceremony was held in Beijing, Northern School of film and television arts room. Ministry of culture and art research center director Zhang Bo, Director of the China Film Art Culture Committee Li Weizheng, President of China Radio International audio and video publishing house assistant Chen Zuer, President of the Beijing Film Academy, Department of vocational education, Deputy Hao Junyi, the people's Liberation Army newspaper on behalf of Wang Wu guests delivered an important speech at the same time, Chinese world film Corporation strategic cooperation with Beijing, Northern School of film and television arts which has gained high evaluation and sure.

Chinese global pictures company Chairman Li Xin told reporter, "Chinese global pictures talent training base" is "Chinese global pictures hundred by art college talent training plans" of important part, is 2015 Chinese global pictures full build Chinese television Super carrier of important cornerstone, hundred by art college talent training plans is company through and both at home and abroad hundred by art college, and art professional cooperation common build of large talent training plans, Mainly through the Chinese world cinema special scholarship established to support the development of the plan, Chinese pictures through personnel training to establish a vast reserve of talent.

"Chinese global pictures hundred by art college talent training plans" future 5 years will in global selection out 100 by art college as "Chinese global pictures talent training base", and Beijing North electric television art college is a so spread China excellent culture, and training television art excellent talent for features, in China Television territories, and cultural, and art are enjoys is high reputation of education institutions, years yilai for China culture art of spread, and Development and cultivation of talents of the film and television industry, has made an enormous contribution. So, first choose Beijing, Northern School of film and television arts as Chinese film training base in the world is the company's development strategy.

According to Beijing, Northern School of film and Television Arts Zhao Liancheng Dean describes, in order to promote the development of the Chinese film industry to foster film talent, global company strategy and Chinese cooperation, both sides can be in film training, film and television filming, Studio through strategic investment and other cooperation and resource sharing through joint efforts of China's film and television industries to develop and grow.

For now, on the one hand, the global film industry shifting to the East is already an indisputable fact, China, as the world's second largest consumer market first on the other, China is carrying out economic restructuring, the culture industry has reached the point of space, and the film and television industry as a cultural industry is experiencing a rapid growth phase. However, excellent pictures lack of talent is always the bottleneck of China's film and television industry continues to grow, one of the future success of Chinese film and TV industry and just depend on the film and television training of compound talent, this Chinese global film hand in hand Beijing, Northern School of film and television arts to build film talent training base to solve this bottleneck.

It is reported, was founded in May 2014 the Chinese global limited is a brand new collection of film and television production, film distribution, digital animation, music entertainment, artists, industry investment and other large integrated companies, establishment of the company by the Government at the beginning of sectoral and Victor capital group, Asia Pacific venture investment group, Lenovo and other consortia support, comprehensive strength goes without saying.

Chinese film as an international film investment company in the world, through the "Chinese world cinema hundred undergraduate programs in art colleges" fast implementation of global human resources strategy layout, lead to globalization of Chinese movie industry. It marked the Chinese film industry and Hollywood film industry became an international film industry influence brand, which is of great significance for internationalization development of Chinese film industry.